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Summer Lawn Care

Complete Guide To Summer Lawn Care

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of year to show off your lawn care skills. There’s nothing quite like looking out of the window over a deep green, well-trimmed lawn. But proper lawn care is no walk in the park. Fortunately,…

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Grow Healthy Grass

Guide To Growing Healthy, Green Grass

Grass. The cornerstone of every great yard, garden, or landscape design. It’s as American as apple pie. There’s nothing quite like stepping back onto your driveway and looking out over your freshly-mown, deep, beautiful green grass. So it’s no surprise…

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Lawn Disease

Lawn Fungus and Lawn Disease Guide

Lawn diseases and fungi can be discouraging. Often, it's not clear to homeowners how the disease started, but suddenly their lawn is dying and your home's aesthetic appeal has spiraled downward. Fortunately, most lawn diseases are easier to treat than…

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Beautiful Garden Walkway

Walkway Perennials for Lasting Beauty

When it comes to selecting blooms for landscaping, perennials are often the best option. Not only can you enjoy them year after year, but they’re generally hardier than their annual counterparts and come back bigger and better each spring. Here…

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Composting For Landscape

Eco Friendly Yard Cleanup: Composting

Want to tidy up your property? For free? How about with no hauling or transportation? Good news! All of that and more can be done easily and inexpensively with a compost pile- plus, you’ll be generating nutrient-rich soil to keep…

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Natural And Recycled For Landscaping

Great Natural and Recycled Materials

When it comes to designing a lawn, garden, patio or other outdoor feature the sky's the limit. For many, one of the biggest questions is what sort of materials will be used. Cement sculptures and brand new everything is great,…

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Hybrid, Heirloom and OP Plants

Have you ever flipped through a gardening catalogue and wondered if a hybrid or heirloom label made a difference? It depends! Through this article we’ll be highlighting plants from some of our favorite, family owned, local to Oregon nurseries. Not…

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Landscaping Tips Pruning Seasonal

Pruning: What, when and how

One of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy garden or landscape is regular pruning. While it can feel counterintuitive to cut back plants we want to be as large and healthy as possible, it helps keep them healthy…

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Local Spotlight: PNW Seeds and Bulbs

Are you serious about the quality of your seeds and bulbs? Our Local Spotlight is the place for us to rave about our favorite businesses, services and landscaping supplies in the Pacific Northwest area. Nichols Garden Nursery: Philomath Oregon Nichols…

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